Friday, July 02, 2004

by david brad

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Name alwish junaidh
Age 15 |2004|
Address dhaarulkhair seenmeedhoo
Phone 585648
Height 5 feet 3 inches" (lol) "
IRC nicks beetele eminem, baffukaa,alkishaar..
Email Address
Location india , cochin city

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about alwish by david brad...
Due to certain reasons, people have come to know that there has been a new site named And most people think it's something to do with IRC. Well it's NOT. The truth about this is that a guy named alwish has produced this material and this domain( belongs to none other than HIM.

Alwish has a whole full of past. During the time he was in Male`, while he was a KID, he seemed to have done so many acts that have offended many people. He had stolen many items such as exam papers from his past school which were leaked because of him. Due to this reason, he was also been expelled from his former school in Male`.

After coming to Sri Lanka, he joined a College named "ACBT - Australian College of Business and Technology." It took a while for people to know his truth. By two to three weeks time, people got to know that he was going to do no good to the society. It was also reported that he was using weed in College premises during his examinations and even after. He is known for smoking joints and also for using alcohol. Several acts have been noticed by the public, and yet nothing has been done.

he is a professional hacker.(even in balaabodu) though he has said that he didnt do that he's nothing but a FRAUD. And talking about his sites, all these sites are actually contained with hackin programes. He uses stolen credit cards to register domains and to host them. In other words he has directly stolen from somebody. During 2002, it was taken to note that Alwish had made a 250 US dollar transaction to buy a shell, and even this was done through a stolen credit card. is a registered domain by alwish. We wouldn't have minded at all if the site contained pure material, but this site (balaabodu) contains materials which humiliate us MALDIVIANS. This site contains material such as NUDE pics, STOLEN pics of people, and many other items. Even if it was a normal pic of somebody, does that mean that it could be used any where without his/her permission? In our opinion, Alwish (the owner of balaabodu) has offended many people and has done activities which are not to be taken slightly but are punishable for, and we hope people act before it's too late.

Even before this problem, there was a case against him for posting a pic and he was taken to the police. Seems that he started to cry too :P but whats the use BAD guys are always dumb FREAKS. And dumb suckers like him would always have the jail doors open for him :p.

Heard of the copyright law? Hehe, we ain't the ones who made it. We are all Maldivians. And we have all the right to protect our nation from going astray and from getting humiliated.

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